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donderdag 18 juni 2020 - 14:00 t/m 15:30
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The Blue Cluster, IEEE Benelux and Flux50 joined forces to organise a webinar session on Ancillary services in offshore wind.

With the offshore wind parks growing fast in size and number, the amount of services provided for the transmission grid is expected to increase in the future. This increase is due to increased uncertainty in combination with growing needs for balancing the grid and reactive power support and the general trend of decreasing inertia. However, developing the functionalities of offshore wind parks for providing the necessary system support is challenging. Some of the key enablers for ancillary services are improved technology, forecasting solutions, adapted policy/regulation, integrated and holistic design, …

These aspects will be dealt with during a seminar on "ancillary serices in offshore wind" organised by the Blue Cluster, Flux50 and IEEE Benelux. Both industrial and academic experts on this topic are lined-up to present you the current state of play in the Belgian part of the North Sea and to discuss on future trends and needs.



Setting the scene (14h00-14h05)

Introduction by Blue Cluster and Flux 50

Keynote speaker (14h05-14h20)

  •  Nicolaos Antonio Cutululis (DTU - IEEE Benelux Power Energy Sector) - current state of ancillary services provision from offshore wind

Expert talks (14h20 - 15h10)

  • Philippe Magnant (Elia) - Insights from the first phase of windparks translated to an action plan for the integration of additional windparks in the system by 2030
  • Jan Declercq (SGB SMIT - Green Energy Park)Offshore Wind as reliable power: challenges for the equipment to make it happen
  • Hanspeter Höschle (Energy Ville) - Innovative market-based solutions for system operators: an electricity market simulator to support realistic analysis concerning the impact and opportunities for participation and bidding strategies
  • Frederik Deloof (Secretariaat-Generaal Benelux-Unie) -  North Seas Energy Cooperation, an intergovernmental perspective on the offshore renewable potential
  • Cedric Weyns (FlexCity) - Experiences of an aggregator in grid stabilisation, a Dutch case study

Panel discussion (15h10 - 15h30)

Interactive debate with the public and the expert speakers on the future challenges of ancillary services in offshore wind, moderated by Dirk Van Hertem



Please register through the online webform before the 12th of June. Registration is free of charge for members of the Blue Cluster, Flux50 and IEEE Benelux. Others will receive an invoice of €150 (excl VAT).

The event is realized in the framework of the Inn2Power project and with the support of the European Regional Development Fund.