Royal Flemish Academy of Belgium for Science and the Arts - Hertogstraat 1
1000 Brussel
dinsdag 24 maart 2020 - 13:15 t/m 15:15
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With the offshore wind parks growing fast in size and number, the amount of services provided for the transmission grid is expected to increase in the future. This increase is due to increased uncertainty in combination with growing needs for balancing the grid and reactive power support and the general trend of decreasing inertia. However, developing the functionalities of offshore wind parks for providing the necessary system support is challenging. Some of the key enablers for ancillary services are improved technology, forecasting solutions, adapted policy/regulation, integrated and holistic design, …

These aspects will be dealt with during the “IEEE Summit on Sustainability” on the 24th of March in Brussels, where the Blue Cluster and Flux50 join forces to organize a parallel session dedicated to “ancillary services in offshore wind”. Both industrial and academic experts on this topic are lined-up to present you the current state of play in the Belgian part of the North Sea and to discuss on future trends and needs.

More information on the IEEE summit can be found on


Expert talks

  • Elia (Philippe Magnant) - transmissions system operator
  • Norther (Bjorn Reynaert) - operator of offshore wind parks
  • BENELUX (Frederik Deloof, tbc) - North Seas Energy Cooperation
  • Siemens Gamesa (tbc) - technology provider
  • KULeuven (Jef Beerten, tbc) - University



Members of the Blue Cluster and Flux50 can register under the same conditions as IEEE-members with a registration fee of €80. The registration fee includes access to IEEE Summit on Sustainability, including all coffee breaks and lunch. The event is also open for non-members of the Blue Cluster and/or Flux50 at the standard registration fee (80€ for IEEE-members, 100€ for non IEEE-members)

Registration is mandatory before Friday 13 March 2020. Please use the registration form of the cluster if you want to take advantage of the reduced fee for cluster members.