VLIZ - Wandelaarkaai 7
8400 Oostende
dinsdag 26 november 2019 - 09:00 t/m 14:00
Externe activiteit

Considering that aquaculture is the fastest growing food-producing sector with an expansion rate of 8% per year, it is now the time to act in order to prevent the increase of marine litter and to support the removal of the already existing one. Thus, the AQUA-LIT project is working on finding solutions and measures for preventing, reducing, removing and recycling marine litter coming from the aquaculture sector in the Mediterranean, North Sea and Baltic regions.

To achieve this, we believe it is essential to work and cooperate with the entire range of aquaculture stakeholders. In order to directly involve stakeholders in the process and get their valuable insights and contributions, the lab will be an interactive workshop where participants will work in groups to identify and assess solutions and methodologies from three perspectives:

  • Prevention & reduction
  • Monitoring & quantification
  • Removal & recycling

We strongly believe that your active engagement and valuable feedback are essential to shape the best strategy to prevent, reduce and recycle the aquaculture non-organic litter in the North Sea.

The Lab will offer many opportunities for discussion, brain-storming, knowledge transfer, bright idea exchange and networking. Its outcomes will contribute to the next step of the project, which is the development of a toolbox of tangible solutions and measures enabling the aquaculture sector to tackle marine litter and they will be communicated to the European Union.

Please find the programme of the Learning Lab here.

For further information you can contact Fien De Raedemaecker of VLIZ.