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dinsdag 19 februari 2019 - 12:00 t/m 15:30
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Valorization of algae for a better taste

The aim of the Interreg 2 Seas project ValgOrize is to locally grow and harvest high quality, stable and safe algae biomass for food and feed purposes in a sustainable way. For more information:

Currently, only 0,1 tons of algae biomass is produced in the EU and only 9% is valorized as food. Given that the world must produce 50 to 70% more food by 2050, the entire European value chain of algae biomass must be further developed.
Some questions that need to be solved:

  • How to sustainably grow and harvest seaweed and microalgae in Europe?
  • How to assess the sustainability of the entire value chain?
  • What are the taste features and how to assess the taste parameters of algae?
  • Can algae growth be steered for a better taste?
  • What is the impact of algae in chicken feed on meat and egg quality?
  • What is the investment needed to meet the demand for algae in Europe?

On February 9 in the afternoon the 12 international partners of ValgOrize would like to invite you to a stakeholder event to explain how they will try to answer this questions by the end of 2021 and… what’s in it for you.


12:00 Welcome with coffee and sandwiches  
13:00 Who are the partners and what do they want to achieve with ValgOrize?  
  General overview of ValgOrize Johan Robbens – ILVO
  Seaweed – Potential for food and feed Klaas Timmermans – NIOZ
  Microalgae – Potential for food and feed Patricia Harvey – University Greenwich
14:00 Coffee break  
  Macroalgae and how to build a business with it Rebecca Wiering – Zeewaar
  Consumers and how they like algae Eloise Lemaire – Nausicaa
  ValgOrize within the Flemish Spearhead clusters Lien Loosvelt – De Blauwe Cluster
15:30 Wrap up  

The stakeholder event is free, but registration is required using the registration link.