Within the broad spectrum of blue economy, the Blue Cluster focuses on the following areas:

Coastal protection & use of mineral resources

The Blue Cluster shows new ways of coastal protection: resilient and sustainable, based on, and integrated in, nature.

Renewable energy & freshwater production

The Blue Cluster develops technologies to generate and store energy with minimal negative impact on both people and planet.

Maritime connection

The Blue Cluster seeks to improve the possibilities for sea and inland shipping and works toward clean shipping.

Sustainable seafood & marine biotechnology

The Blue Cluster focuses on efficient and sustainable fisheries & aquaculture and explores the potential of marine resources.

Blue tourism

Together with other blue economic activities, the Blue Cluster creates a sustainable offer of educational and ecological tourism.

Ocean health & waste solutions

The Blue Cluster helps to find creative and adequate answers to complex problems such as 'plastic soup' and the leaking of toxic substances into the sea.

Ecosystem approach (cross-sectional)

The Blue Cluster puts ecological, economic ánd social objectives on its agenda for blue growth.

Smart sea (cross-sectional)

The Blue Cluster is always on the lookout for applications of digitisation and other smart technologies at sea.