Blue Cluster is open to joining forces with similar clusters and consortia from abroad. In fact, Blue Cluster is already actively engaged in three international partnerships:

1. FACET (Facilitate the Adoption of Circular Entrepreneurship in the Tourism and leisure sector)

Together with partners from Flanders, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom and France, FACET aims to accelerate the adoption of circular solutions in the tourism sector. This involves setting up a support programme, identifying financial and legal obstacles and stimulating bottom-up initiatives. 

Find out more about FACET.

2. ELBE (Europe Leading Blue Energy)

The ELBE project focuses on wave energy, tidal energy and floating offshore wind energy. Five European clusters, including Blue Cluster, are joining forces to select the growth markets in blue energy and detect business opportunities.

Find out more about ELBE.

3. Inn2POWER

Blue Cluster joins forces with partners from Flanders, UK, Germany, Denmark and the Netherlands to support SMEs from the North Sea region in establishing succesful partnerships in the field of maintenance and monitoring of offshore wind farms. The ultimate goal is to reduce the Levelised Cost of Energy (LCOE).

Find out more about Inn2POWER.


To stimulate innovation, Blue Cluster also takes its members and partners on inspiring site visits abroad. Blue Cluster is likewise happy to welcome international delegations in Flanders and share best practices and lessons learned. Blue Cluster is furthermore a strategic partner of Flanders Investment & Trade (FIT), the Flemish Agency that facilitates investment projects in Flanders and supports Flemish export companies.


If you are interested in collaborating with Blue Cluster, please contact our Community Manager, Ann Overmeire.